currently watching: tsuritama (2012) episode 2
hey! this page is super broken now so im gonna reformat it soon. ANYWAYS... happy april! i havent upkept this page regularly in a while. 2022 has so far faced me with some interesting challenges* that i wont fully disclose here, but its also given me more creative drive to push for the future I want rather than sitting as a lump in my room rotting away on nicher, more toxic parts of the internet. im living in a new place now! i got hired for my first job! im gonna do drivers ed this summer! and, most importantly, im making plans for next year to finish highschool (if i can cram it all into one year, which i definitely can given i have a lot of resources at hand). my job (and my dads job) cover college so long as i work full-time for them... i feel hopeful that things will work out in my favor and i can get where i want to be. im not excited to have busier weeks but it is what it is, and honestly ill survive. after all, i have three cats as my biggest cheerleaders now (shoutout to artemis, jasper and eleven!)
IN OTHER NEWS... im probably going to reformat this page, and these updates, as iframes at some point soon. not within the next hour but certainly this weekend, since im tired of the brokenness. im also considering writing and adding my reviews here, since i deleted the dusty old page i had for my reviews (RIP REVIEWS.HTML...) back when i was still super rusty on coding. we shall see... hope everyone had a happy april fools day, and ramadan mubarak!