currently: waking up (slowly)
honestly, i need to start journaling more often. i tried writing in a notebook, which didnt last long because i had to move and couldnt bring all of my stuff, so i guess journaling online will have to do so i can keep my logs nice and tidy. in other news, i compiled my first actual watchlist since 2019, the only thing is finding the will to actually finish shows ive started without getting wrapped up in new ones too quickly. my guess is it doesnt help that ive also started working and now have much less free time that i dont use sleeping or cleaning (or working on my site, as you can probably tell). despite the drop in free time, im excited to have something to do rather than come home and pass out until 8pm.
im taking the day off from school today, i need to clean and catch up on work from one of my classes to make sure my grade doesnt drop horrifically so i can actually KEEP my job. on top of this, i plan to start (or re-do) my shrines because frankly, im not very happy with how they are thus far.
all in all, today will be a productive day! (hopefully.) i hope everyone has a nice start to the working week and ill try to write more often from here on.