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so, this week was NOT very productive.
i ended up in extremely close contact with covid (again!) and have been feeling under the weather. im getting back on track for next week, but this kinda sucks if im being honest. i had to reschedule stuff for starting my job at the VERY last minute and i feel really bad about it fml... i think i scheduled for thursday next week? i hope i did at least. my immune system is admittedly not very strong so i hope i dont end up really sick again. luckily im not showing any severe symptoms of covid, but the muscle aches and pains are there. *sigh* i have some other stuff to do before this quarter ends for school, im getting extensions on some tests and such but this is not how i planned to spend this past week.
on the upside, my girlfriend and i have been spending these past few days together. all in all, this week has been okay but i wish i had done more... itll be okay! rest easy, everyone.