super late almost new years update! 12/31/21.
currently: talking to my girlfriend
religiously playing: animal crossing new horizons
soooo. havent updated in a minute, and my last blog post was really depressing so ill keep this simple mostly to fill the space. these past few weeks have been filled with me relaxing mostly by falling back into childhood interests- which of course are pokemon and animal crossing, and ive tried new things! i got into welcome to nightvale a little because my girlfriend loves it. ive pretty much only been focusing on that, and taking a MUCH NEEDED detox from social media and stress from daily life. i wish it would stay like this forever, time really seems to stop when im around her. btw, added a "hidden" feature on my last entry- hope it works- you highlight over it to reveal the text. if it doesnt, oh well. but anyways, im going to make an animal crossing shrine ASAP because my new leaf and new horizons save files are my babies. my pride and joy. and then ill work on oc stuff... if the lord sees fit. anyways, have a happy and safe new years and spend time with the people you love!