my first blog entry. 12/6/21.
song of the day: thank you for the venom - mcr
i dont usually write regarding my day or feelings, but i thought it could be therapeutic to an extent. this page is under major construction.
regardless, im making a playlist for my friend (for christmas) because we agreed we should show eachother music we think the other would like. this is my first in-person friend in a really long time, besides my best friend megs. im honestly pretty nervous because i dont really navigate friendships well (autism be damned my boy can work a grill!) but i hope everything goes smoothly.
thinking more on this whole blogging "thing", i guess its more of a way to track how im feeling than anything. and i hope to god this doesn't make me sound like some pretentious ass. im new to writing for myself under other peoples gaze, hopefully ill come into my own natural writing later on.