normal FUCKING day! 12/9/21.
currently listening to: kick me - sws + dive in - ptv
song of the day: shes the prettiest girl at the party - frank iero
today has been mediocre so far, you know its bad where youve hit the point that youre listening to sws and youre like "oh this isnt that fucking bad" but you know that logically it is (no hate lolz)...but anyways im in ceramics rn pretending to do my reflection for the project i just did. im so bored and tired, i cant find anything to DOOOOO!!! i thought i wouldnt have to come to school today but alas i do because i missed my dentist appointment. i made a new "spam" instagram account, purely because i was bored with my old one. its an interesting experience starting over (numbers wise)... ummm... also ive been watching death note with my girlfriend along with erased. wow!..............................its last period and i have like nothing to talk about. i feel like frank iero (imagine this said in the same sense as "i feel like drake" but instead of being pathetic im just a bipolar lesbian). goodnight