1/5/23 (5:28 pm)
currently: listening to malice mizer
song of the day: antifragile - le sserafim / je te veux - malice mizer
so, ive made my grand return to neocities i suppose. not much of a return, ive been here, but im making myself come around more often. instagram is driving me crazy, i miss being more detached from it but i find myself doomscrolling more often than not these days :(. however, im relaxing away from it right now and only really using it to text a few friends... ive fallen back into a depression of sorts lately. i can only blame it on my hormones so much, i think i really need to get medicated and start making a change in my life because i feel like too much all the time. im so sensitive that the littlest things set me off and make me sob in my room for hours. ah... such is life though. i got a new laptop for christmas! ive been playing a lot of the sims 4. ive been toying with the idea of making a sims 2 shrine, but i cant PLAY the sims 2 so what even is the point..... maybe i will make plans with friends this week.
ok, bye neocities. love you! xo, dove