currently watching: a jaidenanimations pokemon video w my gf
hey... its been a while, i guess, this past month (and 20 days) has been HELLISH to say the very least. i started a job, and subsequently quit after ~4 weeks, and ive watched my grades fluctuate quiiiiteee a bit... i passed the third quarter in school and am starting to come back from my shitty job experience. ive started doing skincare and more date nights with my girlfriend, and spending more time with my brothers. my girlfriends school year just ended and then were both going out of our respective states for about a month or so :(... but its okay! currently, were playing a pokemon soulsilver randomizer, and struggling with a randomizer nuzlocke of alpha sapphire. i also recently (yesterday) bought a spheal plush for my girlfriend. basically, this past month has been a series of ups and downs, and i have not had a great week leading up to this. but im coming back from my downs and looking forward to more ups from here on. i miss coding in a little fucked up sense but im not sure where to go from here moving forward; perhaps ill fix up my (abandoned) collection page? i dunno lol. bye for now x