9/27/22 (11:56 pm)
currently: talking to my girlfriend and relaxing
song of the day: love letter from the sea to the shore - delaney bailey (the old format makes a comeback!)
so... every time i say im coming back to neocities to upkeep my site, it doesnt even happen for another couple months bc i dont have any motivation... or access to neocities at school lol. BUT im finally almost caught up w my senior year studies (kindaaa) so i thought id treat myself by updating everyone that im still alive. this past week i saw ricky montgomery live & recovered from a VERY UGLY sinus infection & had a little date night just now with my amazing girlfriend. every day is a new a new struggle but im doing well all in all and my love is here to support me every day. i really could not ask for anyone better... ive been so riddled with stress that i have barely stopped to notice how much ive needed a lazy night with her where i stay up late on neocities like we used to. its hard to believe that in only a few years we will move in together and be on our own. im turning 18 in a few months and i am honestly not ready for it... but i think ill be ok. the world will take me where it takes me and i think im content with that.

goodnight for now garf neocities, my loyalest audience and follower, may you all have a peaceful night and kiss the people you love the most. i love you