Doppo Kannonzaka / DOPPO
Age: 29
DOB: May 15
Zodiac: Taurus
Blood Type: O
Likes: Sleep, houseplants, omurice
Dislikes: His boss, exercise, standing out, drawing attention to himself, cilantro

Doppo is a salaryman working as a sales representative at the E.L. Medical Co., Ltd. He is a pessimist who tends to both overthink and think about everything in a negative light. He doesn't have many friends besides his unit mates in Matenro.
Doppo is meek, shy, and anxious due to his harsh work environment. Prior to this, he had bright dreams of his future and had even gone to college!
His favorite hobby is catching up on sleep, but he also enjoys caring for houseplants and fishing with the rest of Matenro. Since he's introverted, his only real friend- outside of his therapist- is Hifumi Izanami, his best friend and housemate.
When Doppo gets too overwhelmed or angry, his demeanor completely changes from meek to irate and he'll take out his anger on either his opponent or whoever has wronged him. This can tie into his rap ability or his personal life.
All in all, Doppo is a hard worker who cares about his friends and doing what is right.
Abridged from Doppo's Fandom wiki.