Scumperland is located on an island off of Zapita, Ulina, within the Peecific Ocean. Less of a country, more of a small society, Scumperland is full of around 100 miniature robots named Scumpers. Built by a now-deceased Kantouban scientist, they live in harmony with both each other and their surroundings. Since they are so small, their machinery has little impact on the island in which they live.
what are scumpers?
Scumpers are robots designed by Tsuhae Akanasake, a Kantouban scientist who had, in his free time, tinkered with AI and creating new life. Because of his experiments, he was exiled from Kantouba by the church and left to find his own bearings elsewhere. When he took refuge on an unoccupied island, he devoted his life to beginning anew with his experiments in hopes they could reintegrate into society someday. Scumpers are from 2 to 5 inches in height on average, and despite their squishy, pillow-like exterior, they have endoskeletons that look very similar to Sakinese Kānjin. Their power source, the heart-like shape on their tails, acts as their brain. Without it, they can't function and power off to protect the internal system.

Since Scumpers are robots, they have no reason to kill, eat, or sleep. Their society is completely peaceful and because of this, their trade market is mostly trinkets they find washed ashore. Their currency is shells, and their favored items are cool rocks and seaglass. These objects hold high value in their society, with seaglass holding the highest value of the three.